There are a number of great day trip options from Moshi to explore during a layover day or stretch your legs after a long flight to Tanzania. From local culture and food tours to day hikes and hot springs there are lots of fun options. Here are three favorites from our staff and past guests:

Materuni Waterfall

Materuni Waterfalls and Coffee Tour

This option is perfect for climbers who get to Tanzania a little early and want to stretch their legs after a long flight.

This half day trip takes you to the Materuni Waterfalls, a short drive outside of Moshi town. Situated in the cultivation zone of Kilimanjaro, getting to this waterfall is a beautiful way to stretch your legs and enjoy the lush countryside along the foot of Kilimanjaro.

After your visit to the falls you’ll pass through a traditional Chagga farm and coffee plantation. The Chagga people have lived and farmed in the foothills around Kilimanjaro for generations and will happily show you the history in their coffee plantations. You’ll be given a delicious meal of fresh fruits and traditional Tanzanian foods harvested in the hills nearby.

Your guide will explain the history and cultivation practices used by the Chagga people and lead you on a tour of the cultivated coffee plants. You will learn about the full life cycle of the coffee plant from berry to cup, and have the chance to enjoy a delicious sample of their coffee roasted for you during the tour.  

Kikuletwa Hot Springs

Kikuletwa Hot Springs

Where the waterfall is the perfect pre-climb trip, the hot springs are a wonderful way to relax and stretch out after your return from the mountain. A beautiful oasis about 1 hour outside of Moshi, these hot springs are a hidden gem, and the perfect way to loosen up before your flight home.

The Kikuletwa Hot Springs rest in the shade and stay a comfortable warm temperature year round. Crystal clear water with small fish and a mellow current, these pools are the perfect spot to enjoy the Tanzanian sun and relax after your climb. We include your lunch, private driver, and entry permits, so all you need to bring is a swimsuit to enjoy this beautiful getaway spot.

Chagga and Maasai Cultural Tours

The region around Kilimanjaro is home to many tribes and cultures with rich histories and traditions. The Chagga people are the largest community in the area, but there are communities of nomadic Maasai as well. We can arrange a day trip for you to learn more about these cultures, hiking through the beautiful hills and cultivated land outside of Moshi, speaking with community leaders, and learning their history first hand.

You’ll share a home cooked traditional lunch with members of the community and have the chance to learn more about the people who have called Kilimanjaro home for centuries. This is a favorite option for those looking to understand more about Tanzania’s history and indigenous peoples.

Street Markets and Art Galleries

Moshi is home to a large local street market where everything from fresh fruit to suits are sold. The market spreads across several streets and is in the city center, it can be fun to go walkthrough and pick out some local fruit for your lunch or some fresh coffee to take home. You may find some small trinkets you like, but be warned that most of it will be counterfeit or lower quality than you might expect.

Moshi also has a large painting and artistic community. You will see small stands selling locally produced paintings of wildlife, Kilimanjaro, and Masai tribes all over Moshi. There are a few dedicated stores and galleries around town as well which show the highest quality works in a more traditional setting, such as the Blue Zebra Art Studio. Paintings, wood carvings, and beautiful leatherwork are all common, and a few places sell certified Tanzanite, a beautiful blue gemstone found only in Tanzania. 

We can set you up with one of our drivers to spend the morning visiting the market and art galleries and help you find what you’re looking for.